Board of Directors

Jeff Phillips
President, Board Member

Although Jeff started riding motorcycles in the early 70's, he did not take Riders school (for both CMRA and TMGP) until 1993. Since then, Jeff has been a rider and worker in both organizations. Currently, Jeff is the starter for CMRA and, for the last decade, has been a co-promoter/promoter of TMGP.

Location: College Station, TX

First bike:1972 Honda CT70

Favorite bike:YSR/XR 100

Favorite track:(Ridden) Oak Hill Henderson, TX (been to) Barber Motorsports Leeds, AL

Kasey Lewis
Vice President, Treasurer

Kasey started on dirt bikes when he was teenager, promptly broke his leg and that was the end of bikes for a long time.  In 2007 he got his first sport bike, which turned into his first race bike in 2010.  Kasey spent a few years at track days enjoying the sport, and was prompted by the Napiers into trying out a race weekend. One race weekend and he knew this was the sport for him. Kasey started his license process in 2010, and ran full seasons from 2012 to 2020.  He enjoys endurance racing on both big bikes and little bikes, but sprinting is still his passion.   Kasey enjoys coaching when possible, either with 3:16 or on private member days, it’s a good way to give back the sport.   


Frist Bike: 08 Kawasaki ZX10R 

Favorite Bike: Kawasaki ZX10R 

Favorite Track: Road Atlanta 

Bobby Davies
Board Member

Bobby Davies bought his first Motorcycle when he was 19. He always had the passion for racing it didn't matter what it was. Bobby Started off at the Drag strip where he found out the the R6 was definitely not a straight line bike. In 2010 he did his first track day then learned about the CMRA from some of the instructors. Instantly he got addicted and got his pro-versional novice taken care of at the end of 2010. Bobby won multiple championships the following year as a novice. Bobby has been racing ever since and is currently an expert with his Stock 1000 MotoAmerica license. He does his best to try and give back by Coaching and helping out as much as he can with organizations like 3:16 track days, sport rider coaching and private events. My number is (830) 931-7354 you can call or text.


First bike was a 2009 Yamaha R6

I ride a 2023 Yamaha R1

Favorite track is Nola and Barber!

Josh Henke
Board Member

Born to a large family in Austin and raising a large family of his own. Joshua’s wife encourages his racing and attends races with their 4 kids when possible. Bought his first bike in 2004, rode it 50k miles on the street, got in a life-changing accident, then moved almost exclusively to track days and racing on that same bike. He first hit the CMRA grid in February 2011 then moved into endurance racing and is still going. He hopes to get his kids into it.

Location: Austin, TX

First bike: 2003 Suzuki SV650S

Favorite bike: 2003 Suzuki SV650S

Favorite track: Barber Motorsports Park (track days and raced)

Kendra Kinnison
Board Member

Kendra had been fascinated with motorcycles since her teenage years, but she didn't learn to ride until she was nearly 40. Soon after, she discovered racetracks and CMRA, and has rarely missed a round since. Legal projects from Hurricane Harvey have kept her mostly in the pits for the last couple years, and she's looking forward to when that's resolved. With Team Irie, she's mostly focused on Endurance Racing.


Location: Corpus Christi, TX

First Bike: 2015 Yamaha R1

Favorite Bike: Yamaha R6

Favorite Track: Ridge Motorsports Park (Shelton, WA)

Ryan Rutkowski
Board Member / Safety Officer

Ryan is a former Firefighter/Paramedic. He started riding in 2002 after trading in his jet ski for his first bike. He Joined the CMRA in 2004. In 2006 Ryan joined the staff as a wide eyed green outrider. In 2008 he became Assistant Race Director on top of his many other duties. In 2008/2009 Ryan started with AMAPro Racing deploying and maintaining Airfence at the national pro rounds. He is currently a member of the MotoAmerica staff serving as Airfence Coordinator, truck driver/logistics, and overall Swiss Army knife. Ryan also holds an FIM Officials License as a Clerk of the Course and Sporting Steward for Circuit Racing. He is the nation’s expert in Airfence and Alpina soft barrier repair. While he doesn’t race much anymore he lives to care for his fellow riders on both the National and local levels.

Location: Dallas area

First bike 2002 Kawasaki EX500.

Favorite bike: Yamaha WRX 250 motard.

Favorite track: (Local) Oak Hill, Hallett (National) Road America

Keith VonHertell
Board Member

Keith Hertell has been at race tracks since he was an infant. Both parents were avid drag racers.

His father then went on to road race mini coopers and Formula Ford in the late 60's early 70's, then restored high end sports cars in the 80's.

He liked motorcycles more than cars so he started drag racing them at 15 years old. After getting out of the Navy he then decided to roadrace motorcycles. 

He joined the CMRA in 1997 and became Expert in 1998. He was on the BOD from 2000-2003 where there were huge changes within the CMRA to make CMRA a more professional organization. He feels a simple, easy to understand rules package that keeps costs down will ensure the longevity of competition among the CMRA membership and help grow the sport of motorcycle roadracing in the US and Texas.

Staff Members

Walter Walker
Director of Competition / Race Director

Walter started riding at age 5. Soon after he started racing at the local dirt track. Through the years Walter has raced motocross, arena-cross, cross country, hare-scrambles, flat track, before finally getting into road racing in 1990. From 1990 to 1998 Walter raced with the CMRA, WERA, CCS, AMA and several other racing organizations. In 1998 Walter volunteered to Work at CMRA events as an assistant in Tech. Over the years Walter served the CMRA in Tech, at Pit Out, as a Grid Marshal, as Starter, as Outrider, as Assistant Race Director, as Race Director starting in 2002, and finally as Director of Competition. Along with his work for the CMRA Walter also became the Safety Coordinator for AMA ProRacing in late 2008. From there he moved to a position in Race Control. In 2014 Walter went to work for MotoAmerica where he currently serves as Deputy Race Director. Walter also serves as time keeper and manages Race Control for World Superbike and MotoGP at their US rounds. Walter holds an FIM Officials License as a Clerk of the Course and Sporting Steward for Circuit Racing.

Location: Waco, TX

First bike: Sears Minibike

Favorite bike: Honda CBR600F2/F3

Favorite track: Oak Hill Raceway Henderson, TX

Autumn Walker
Club Administrator / Secretary / Chief Registrar

Autumn is the daughter of long serving CMRA officials Walter and Kimberly Walker. Autumn made her first visit to Texas World Speedway at just 2 months old. She practically grew up at racetracks in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. At age 11 Autumn would drive her dads truck pulling the CMRAs trailer around the track while here dad dropped off equipment at the corners. Since 2011 Autumn has worked for the CMRA as a runner, in merchandise sales, as a manual scorer, a grid marshal, and in electronic scoring. Autumn earned her Associates Degree in 2019 and is currently working on her BA in Accounting. She also has experience in the banking field. Autumn has served as Chief Registrar for the beginning of the 2020 season and is now adding Club Administrator and Secretary to her responsibilities. 

Location: Waco, TX

First bike: PW50

Favorite track: Texas World Speedway 

Joe Spann
Marshal Coordinator / Chaplain
Joe's dad started taking him to car races when he was 14, about the time his friends started getting into motorcycles. So he tricked his parents into letting him get a bike. He got a job at a local bike shop that was into racing and that cemented it. Flat tracking was the local form of motorcycle racing, so that's what he started doing. He was exposed to roadracing much later, and enjoyed it enough to get involved as a chaplain.
First bike: Honda 50
Favorite bike: 750 Triumph w/Trackmaster frame
Faorite track: Wakenny 1/2 mile
Danny Dominguez
Rider Representative / License School Instructor

Danny started riding around 3 years of age on a Honda Trail 50, started roadracing circa 1988 and has been a CRRC/CMRA racer since 1989. Danny has been a novice racer all the way up through DMG/AMA PRO. Danny started his son out with the CMRA when he was 9, brought him through and helped him make it all the way to an AMAPRO career.

Danny is also a MSGT with the Oklahoma City Police Dept - a 28 year veteran.

Danny has served 2 terms on the CMRA Board of Directors and serves as the CMRA Rider Representative to the organization.

Danny has been our CMRA License School instructor for the past few seasons.

Location: Oklahoma

First bike: Honda Trail 50

Favorite bike: Kawasaki ZX7RR Superbike (when it was right)

Favorite track: TWS and Hallett