Corner Marshaling for the CMRA is a great way to spend a weekend. If you enjoy lots of action, great racing, and fun people, we have a spot for YOU!

There two kinds of Marshals, Flag and Course. Flag Marshals are responsible for relaying information from Race Control to the riders using various flags. Course Marshals assist riders who have mechanical failures, run off the track, or crash.

A typical day starts at 6:30 am at Marshals meeting where you will be assigned a marshals post, radio, uniform and the necessities you will need throughout the day. Around 7:00 am, we will cover procedures, flags, and equipment operation and answer any questions you might have. By 7:30 am we will truck all Marshals to their posts. On occasion we allow you to drive your vehicle, weather conditions and safety permitting. The race day starts with practice at 7:45 am, and cannot begin until all Marshals are in place, so please come prepared. Throughout the day you will communicate with Race Control about events in your corner and assist racers. Depending on the day you work, the schedule will vary, but generally speaking, lunch is at 12:00 pm (provided by us) and the day doesn’t end until sunset.

What We Provide:
• Water
• Lunch
• Canopy
• $100.00 per day
• Free weekend gate pass
• A Great Experience!

What You Need To Bring:
• Chair
• Cooler
• Snacks
• Appropriate weather gear (watch the weather and plan ahead!)

Detailed weekend event schedules are posted on the Schedule Page. You can post your request to work as soon as you know what works best for you. Please post only once. Space is limited at each track so sign up early. If you commit to a particular day, PLEASE show up!

We have created a Marshals Manual to aid in training.

We depend on Marshals to get the racing started on time. We Can’t Race Without YOU!

Sign up using the Flag and Course Marshal Forum or on the event thread for each event on the CMRA Facebook page. New users will need to register a new account.