To compete in a CMRA Race event, you need a CMRA Competition License and a current American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Membership.

CMRA Competition Licenses can be acquired throughout the year, and are discounted after June. All licenses expire on December 31st of that year. 

All CMRA Events are AMA Sanctioned . A current AMA membership is required to compete in AMA sanctioned event. AMA Memberships can be purchased through the AMA website.

If you have a license from another organization and just want to compete for a weekend for fun, you can purchase a reciprocal license. You will need a current copy of your license from the other club. If you want to compete and receive sprint points, you must purchase a full license. 

If you don’t have a CMRA Competition License, and haven’t raced before, take our CMRA License School. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a Provisional Novice license.

*Minors can compete (under age 18), but are limited to certain classes based on age. All minors must have a signed waiver in place.

For a complete explanation of licensing procedures, see Section 1 of the CMRA Sporting and Technical Rules. If you still have questions, email or call our office at 817-570-9779