For 2024 the CMRA and WERA will again be partnering to offer CMRA Licensed riders the opportunity to earn WERA Sportsman points in select CMRA classes by purchasing a dual CMRA/WERA License for $50.00. WERA Sportsman points earned in the following CMRA classes will qualify these riders to race at the WERA Grand National Finals.

Formula 1 & 2 Expert and Novice

A, B, and C Superbike and Superstock Expert and Novice

Heavyweight Twins Superbike (CMRA Heavyweight Twins) Expert and Novice

Lightweight Twins Superbike (CMRA Lightweight Twin) Expert and Novice

E Superstock (CMRA 500 Superstock) Expert and Novice

F Superstock (CMRA 300 Superstock) Expert and Novice

Heavyweight Senior Superbike (CMRA Formula 40 Heavyweight) Expert and Novice

Middleweight Senior Superbike (CMRA Formula 40 Middleweight) Expert and Novice

Formula Mini (CMRA Formula 4) Grom Cup (CMRA Grom Challenge)