In order to safely compete, here’s some of the requirements which must be met:

-Any bolt or cap holding fluid in must be safety wired.
-Any nut, bolt, or plug holding your wheels and brakes on must be safety wired.
-Any fluid holding line must be clamped
-Side stand, license plate and bracket must be removed.
-Glass/plastic lenses must be taped over.
-No Coolant! Water cooled engines may use plain water or water with a cooling system rust and corrosion inhibitor or water with an approved coolant. Glycol-based antifreezes are strictly prohibited.
-Good Tires with hard plastic or metal valve stems.
-Sealed lower fairing (belly pan)
-Bar ends must be close ended.
-Lever guard on brake lever

There are other requirements that must also be met, please refer to section 5.3 in the CMRA Sporting and Technical Rules for a complete list. All machinery and rider equipment will be inspected by a Tech inspector before it goes on the track, but it’s up to you to make sure your machinery is safe to compete!

The above video gives some helpful pointers on safety wiring:

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.