Pre-entry for Round 1 at MSR Houston is open!

2024 Pre-entry Packages

These forms are for PRE-ENTRY only. DO NOT print these forms and bring the to the track. They will not be accepted.

To pre-enter a race you must have your 2024 CMRA Competition License and know your assigned competition number. If you have not renewed or applied for your license for 2024 go to the License and Team Registration Forms page on the CMRA website, complete the 2024 Competition License Application / Renewal, and submit it with this form. To find your assigned competition number go to the CMRA Forum post “2024 SPRINT COMPETITION NUMBERS”.

All CMRA events are AMA Sanctioned. All participants MUST have a current AMA Membership. Pre-entry forms will not be accepted without a valid AMA Member number. AMA membership can be purchased through

1. The forms in these packages are designed for on-screen completion using Adobe Acrobat Reader™ with certain fields automatically populating and calculating as you fill the forms. TIP: Save your forms with a unique filename.

2. You may not need all forms in this package or you may need multiple copies of one form:

• Don’t submit forms that don’t apply to you. TIP: Save your forms with a unique filename.

• Make multiple copies of the package, complete and submit additional forms as needed.

3. You may also print the blank forms and complete them by hand.

4. PRINT NEATLY. It is important that you print clearly and precisely. Incomplete or illegible forms will not be processed until all information has been received.

5. Sign and date all Form. ‘Electronic’ signatures are allowed.

6. Season Entry Checkbox: If you check this box on any form you will automatically be entered in the items on that form for every remaining event in the season. Season Entry is not available if paying by check / money order. Your credit / debit card will be processed for each event payment separately and immediately after pre-entry for each event opens.  

• To change or revise a Season Entry you must submit a complete new form with “REVISED [DATE]” printed in the top margin of the form. Phone or email requests to change or revise a Season Entry will be rejected.

• If you check the Season Entry Box, leave the following fields BLANK: Track, Race Date, Subtotal of all Discounts and Total Amount Due.

• Friday practice will be run by the CMRA at all rounds in 2024 with the exception of Round 3. Round 3 at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (HMRC) will be a two day event. Unless otherwise instructed season entrants selecting Friday practice will automatically be entered in Saturday morning practice at this event. Saturday morning practice at round 3 is NOT included with Saturday race entries at this event.

7. Transp. #: Enter the number of the transponder you will have on your bike whenever on the track including practice.

• If using a transponder rented from the CMRA leave this field BLANK and complete the TRANSPONDER RENTAL AGREEMENT.

• If using a different transponder for different races or practice machines, submit a complete separate form for each transponder with the appropriate races / machines entered on each form (multi-entry fee discounts should be applied across all forms as if they were on one form).

• You may not share a transponder with any other sprint racer on the same day.

PREMIER TRACK ENTRY FEES: Race events held at Eagles Canyon Raceway (ECR) and NOLA Motorsport Park (NOLA) will use Premier Track Entry Fees. Single event SPRINT and ENDURANCE entrants MUST use the separate ECR & NOLA ONLY Pre-Entry Packages for the ECR & NOLA events. Season entrants may use the standard Pre-Entry Packages.

Pre-entry form must be sent as a PDF attachment and the Subject Line must say “Track Name Pre-Entry”. Please note that email is not considered a secure way to send credit card information. No photos (JPEG etc.) of forms or photos converted to PDF or forms embedded in the body of the email.

NOTE: New for 2024 credit / debit card payments will be processed immediately upon receipt of each event pre-entry. Credit / debit card payments for season entries will be processed separately and immediately after pre-entry for each event opens.


WACO, TX 76710

Must be received in the CMRA office no later than midnight on the Thursday one week prior to the event.

All pre-entries are paperless. Take your machine along with any contingency claim forms directly to Technical Inspection. Event credentials are required in Technical Inspection.

QUESTIONS? Call 817-570-9779. Office hours are M-F, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Central Time. If you have any specific requests or questions, enclose a note with your forms.